Greetings to all future IELTS aspirants ! Whether you are going to take the IELTS exam in order to study abroad or to immigrate abroad , all IELTS exam takers will have to sit for the Speaking Test either a few days before the rest of the modules or after . It can be daunting challenge for someone whose not outspoken or is not comfortable in sharing his/her thoughts with a person whom you’ve just met . In order to help you out with this task and provide you guidance I have brought a few tips and tricks and do’s & don’ts . So let’s get started .

Let’s begin with what actually happens during your IELTS Speaking Test Introduction.

·         As mentioned , the speaking test is for both General & Academic IELTS exam takers

·         There will be a short introduction which consists of the examiner introducing himself/herself and an introduction whereby you introduce yourself .

·         The examiner will thereafter pose questions regarding your hometown , work , study , friends , family, sports etc.

·         You will be marked for your Pronunciation , Fluency , Vocabulary & Grammar .

·         All in all the Speaking introduction phase should last anywhere from 4 to 6 minutes.

Things that you should do during your Speaking Test Introduction – Do’s

·         You should be confident and should maintain a friendly eye contact .

·         Answer with passion and zest .

·         Use your vocabulary arsenal.

·         Expand your answers . Do not give one word answers at all . The examiner needs you to speak at length in order for him/her to judge your English Proficiency . Be conversant .

Things that you shouldn’t do during your Speaking Test Introduction – Don’ts

·         Speak with a monotone .

·         Give yes/no answers.

·         Repeat the question .

·         Go off topic .

·         Answer “I don’t know” .

·         Speak too quickly or slowly.

·         Worry about your English proficiency .