Welcome to IELTS Speaking task part 3 analysis . In this article we would be going through the IELTS Speaking Task part 3 and letting you know of the do’s and don’ts regarding this section as well as some tips and tricks . So first thing first is that how long does this section of the IELTS test last . Well it can last anywhere from 4-5 minutes . It would be an interview style question and answer session where you be posed some questions on the spot which you would have to answer . Now what type of questions should one expect when going into this test ? The test taker may be asked to predict , analyze , compare or simply give an opinion about the subject in question . Most likely there would be a theme to the asked questions relating to the section 2 of the speaking test . Topics that may be asked include Technology , Education , Environment , TV influence , Leisure Activities , Transport , Shopping etc .



Let’s now look at the things that you should be doing and not doing  for this part of the IELTS Speaking Test .


·         Listen for keywords in the question . Sometime you may not understand the whole question and therefore you should pick out some keywords that would help you understand it .

·         In the case that you still don’t understand the question you should ask the examiner right away . It is completely fine to ask the examiner what the question was . Remember it’s a free flow interview type of setting that you would be in . Hence asking for the question to be repeated is completely fine .

·         Do not give short answers . Give detailed answers backed with reason .

·         Don’t go off topic . Stick to the topic that is asked of you .

·         Think positive before the exam . Think that you would do well for your speaking test and chance are then that you would actually do well .

·         Build your vocabulary . Since you are already in the know that you would be marked for vocabulary , therefore it is important that you build and enhance your vocabulary so as to score well for the overall IELTS exam .

·         Relate the question that you are asked to your own life . Use your own experiences . In the case that you don’t have those experiences you can use other’s experiences or just make up a story . It would be detrimental to your score if you say that you have not experienced what is asked of you or you choose not to answer the question at all .

·         Divide up the answer . For example you could say that “ There are several things that I would like to talk about cars. Firstly cars are my passion and I have a intense love for them . Ever since ….Secondly …”

·         Use modals – Can , could , may , might , should etc .

·         Learn opinion expression – Don’t use “I think” – it’s a bit monotonous . Use “it appears to me” , “I believe” etc.



·         Memorize Answers . This is a strict no . Memorizing the answers will do no good for your IELTS score . In the case that the teacher thinks that you have memorized the answer , he/she may just change the topic and you would be unprepared for it which would cause you to panic or fumble . So all in all it’s not a good practice to memorize the answers for IELTS .

·         Worry if you would make mistakes . One of the worst things to do when sitting for the IELTS exam is to worry about the mistakes you would make . This would cause you to be stressed out and will not help you in any way .

·         Use too many umms and aaahs . Using these would reduce your fluency . It is natural for everyone to say an ummm or an ahhh while speaking . But too much of it is not good for your scores .

·         Go off topic . Stick to what they are asking you .

·         Use “I think” too much . You can use alternatives like “it appears to me” , “I believe” and so on .

·         Worry if you have an accent . Speaking with an accent is a natural thing to do . Most people speak with an accent . It would be unnatural if you would speak with a made up accent . You won’t be able to carry it off . Even in the case that you do , the teacher might notice something not right and he/she would feel that you are making up the accent . So it’s best to be natural and to be the way you are .


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